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Carrollton Denture a New Smile for You
If you are currently missing multiple teeth, or need to have extractions, you may be exploring your options for replacement. Dentures are an effective and affordable way for you to get a new smile. In the following article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about dentures and how the team at Hebron Smiles in Carrollton, TX can help restore your smile.

Carrollton, TX dentures – How do they work?

Dentures are artificial teeth that can be used to replace just a few missing teeth or an entire arch of teeth. The appliances are custom designed specifically for your mouth to ensure a snug fit and proper functionality. Dentures are removable and typically held in place with a natural suction between the appliance, the alveolar ridges, and the soft palate in the mouth. If necessary, denture adhesive can be used to keep the dentures in place.

What are dentures made of?

What are dentures made of in Carrollton area Dentures can be made of a variety of materials, while most are made of metal and acrylic resin. The base of the dentures that rest over the bony ridge is a framework of metal that is covered in plastic. The teeth can either be made of plastic or porcelain.

Are there permanent dentures?

If you are looking for a more permanent option than removable dentures, you can consider implant supported dentures. With implant supported dentures, four implants are placed strategically into the jawbone so the dentures can be securely held in place. Implant supported dentures are the most stable type of dentures and function the most naturally. With this option there is no need to use suction or adhesive to keep the appliance in place and you can more easily eat difficult to chew foods.

What is the dentures process?

Getting dentures requires several different appointments, but in the end it’s worth it for a beautifully restored and functioning smile. In general, the steps for removable dentures are as follows.

Step One – Any teeth that require extraction will need to be removed prior to getting fit for dentures.

Step Two – Impressions are taken to send to the dental laboratory for fabrication of your dentures.

Step Three – The bite is measured, and you can choose the material and color for your dentures.

Step Four – Once the dentures are finished, you will return to the office for a try on to make sure they look and feel right before letting you go home with your new dentures.

Step Five – You will return for a series of check-ups to ensure that dentures still fit properly and that they aren’t causing any problems.

FAQ about dentures for your new smile

FAQ about dentures for your new smile in Carrollton area
  1. How long does it take to adjust to new dentures?

There is an adjustment period with dentures. On average, it takes patients a few weeks before they can speak and eat comfortably. Gum irritation and soreness are also common in the first few weeks and you may salivate more than normal. Here’s a few tips for getting used to your new dentures:

  • For the first few days to a week, eat only soft foods such as yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, or oatmeal.
  • Once you start incorporating more solid foods, try to take small bites and chew each piece thoroughly.
  • Saltwater rinses with warm water can ease inflammation.
  • Practicing speaking at home, especially words that are difficult to pronounce.

If at any point you have concerns about your new dentures, give us a call and we can check the fit.

  1. How do I take care of dentures?

With proper care, dentures can last for many years. It’s important to rinse your dentures after every meal. Special denture toothbrushes and paste should be used because normal products are too abrasive on denture materials. Rinse and soak dentures overnight so they do not warp. Always set down a towel on the counter or the sink when handling your dentures to prevent them from dropping and breaking.

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