Stress-Free Dental Extractions With A Gentle Touch At Hebron Smiles

Patients of Hebron Smiles in Carrollton can receive the full spectrum of dental care from a team that they know and trust. In addition to quality preventive, restorative, and cosmetic care, our team performs extractions with a gentle touch.

As often as possible, we perform care with preservation in mind. However, there are instances when extraction is the most suitable form of care. The most common extraction procedure is performed to remove wisdom teeth. Other conditions that may require this treatment include a badly decayed tooth or a tooth that has been severely broken.

Wisdom teeth removal typically occurs during the teen years or the early twenties. Younger patients who have not had their wisdom teeth removed are monitored for growth so that we may plan accordingly in order to avoid problems.

One of the primary issues with wisdom teeth is that they become impacted. This is because they are the last teeth to grow in and the arches are typically full. Without sufficient space, wisdom teeth become trapped beneath the gums. Some patients may experience partial impaction, in which teeth grow in only slightly and remain stuck beneath a flap of gum tissue.

There are several concerns regarding impacted wisdom teeth. Patients may experience chronic jaw pain, or these teeth may begin to grow sideways rather than up. Removal can prevent discomfort, stress, and unhealthy oral conditions such as gum disease or infection.

The extraction procedure, even when multiple teeth are involved, tends to take only a short time. We are focused on comfort and convenience, and are happy to discuss how sedation can minimize anxiety during extractions. Sedation relieves fear and enables you to be both physically and mentally relaxed during your visit. A nice after-effect of dental sedation is that most patients do not remember their procedure. Also, a sedative medication can maximize the effectiveness of local anesthetic, and reduce the chance of post-operative soreness.

The team at Hebron Smiles strives for a level of excellence not found in many dental practices. We understand that dental procedures like extractions can be stressful, and we provide early morning hours for care so you can be in and done and on with your day.

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Adnan Saleem, DMD - Hebron Smiles

Dr. Adnan Saleem, having graduated with a DMD degree from Temple University School of Dentistry began his career as a general dentist. For over a decade he has continued to advance his education and skillset through numerous training courses and his membership with Modern study club. Dr. Saleem is known for treating his patients both respectfully and compassionately. Connect with Dr. Adnan Saleem on Linkedin.