Dental Cleanings

Historically, dental care has been done to repair damaged teeth. Over the last several decades, we have seen a fortunate shift toward the prevention of common dental problems. Research has demonstrated the effect that oral disease can have on the body. With thorough exams and routine cleanings, we minimize your risk of conditions such as gum infection and periodontal disease.

Dental cleanings are tailored to your needs. We make sure that you are comfortable, and encourage you to maintain the recommended cleaning schedule that will provide you with advantages such as:

  • Healthier gums. Infection in the gums stems from oral bacteria, which hide in plaque and tartar. These biofilm substances can stick to teeth without you knowing it. Your hygienist has the training and the precision instruments to remove plaque and hardened tartar, keeping your gums better protected from disease.
  • A healthier mouth. Because oral bacteria are harbored in plaque and tartar, removal is very important. In addition to cleaning your teeth, your hygienist gets to know your mouth, leading to the earliest possible detection of changes from one visit to the next. The monitoring from routine cleanings can result in discussion about hygiene and lifestyle habits that can prevent the progression of poor oral health.
  • A healthier body. Experts have discovered that oral bacteria can cause chronic inflammation in the mouth, leading to an increased risk of inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Oral disease has also been identified as a risk factor in low birth weight and pre-term delivery.

Most people are diligent about brushing their teeth every day. The American Dental Association advises that we brush morning and night, at least, and that we floss on a daily basis as well. When hygiene is lacking or inefficient, the risk of unhealthy conditions increases significantly.

You may follow the recommended guidelines for oral care and still develop gingivitis if your teeth are not regularly cleaned by a hygienist! This is because the plaque biofilm is constantly forming. It is not visible to the naked eye, which means there is a high likelihood that total removal will not be accomplished with brushing and flossing alone.

By visiting our hygienist at least twice a year, you benefit from the experience and rigorous training that has been completed. We can assist you in maintaining your healthiest smile with treatments and support for your home care regimen.

Schedule your exam and cleaning in our Carrollton dental office to extend the life of your smile. Call (972) 388-3320.

Our Orthodontist Receiving a Dental Cleaning from our Hygienist! Our orthodontist receiving a dental cleaning from our hygienist!
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