Overcome Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

Dental care is vital to ongoing health, comfort, and confidence. You may know this, and yet find yourself putting off visits to the dentist. At Hebron Smiles, we understand that many people feel anxious or downright fearful of receiving dental care. Our dentists and staff go the extra mile to ease the stress of dental problems and procedures. In addition to conducting a thorough consultation and learning your needs, we are happy to discuss your options for sedation to help you feel the peace of mind you deserve.

Patients of Hebron Smiles in Carrollton can explore three types of sedation.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, or inhalation sedation, is one of the first sedatives to be discovered. The fact that nitrous oxide and oxygen are inhaled should not give you the impression that this method is any less efficient than oral conscious sedation. In fact, there are benefits to nitrous oxide that cannot be achieved with other methods.

  • Nitrous oxide combined with oxygen eases anxiety and fear within moments of inhalation.
  • In addition to calm, patients often feel an intense feeling of wellbeing with nitrous oxide.
  • The quick response in the central nervous system allows us to adjust dosage for optimal relaxation from beginning of treatment to the end.
  • The effects of inhalation sedation dissipate very quickly. You can drive home and resume normal activities right after your appointment.

Oral conscious sedation (enteral sedation)

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a prescription sedative about thirty minutes before a dental procedure. We dose oral sedatives carefully in order to reach an optimal level of relaxation for each patient.

  • Some people may doze off during their dental procedure.
  • Oral conscious sedation may be ideal for treatments such as dental cleanings or routine care.
  • Good for moderate to severe anxiety.
  • Because the effects of enteral sedation linger, it is necessary to have an escort to transport you to and from our office. It is recommended that you rest for the remainder of the day, until the full effects of your sedative have worn off.

IV sedation

IV sedation is a fast-acting method that delivers sedative medication directly to the blood. The deeper level of relaxation achieved with this method makes most patients unaware of their surroundings, easing fears for those affected by the sights and sounds of the dental office. IV sedation is administered by a trained, licensed physician. Patients are monitored during treatment as well as after, and released to an escort after the effects of sedation have diminished.

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