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Braces Video
Braces by Hebron Smiles

Go down, that’s complete. The other side. Does she need to bring brownies? She needs to bring extra brownies; she’s making me work hard. She made me work 274 days. Aligners, ………………….
and now braces. She needs to bring, maybe a chocolate cake. Homemade, which is good. Not the one which sometimes … she says good, I say yes.

Dental Scan Video
Dental Scan

Start your scan from the centre and bite all the way down. Move slowly all the way to the right and keep your bite closed just moving your hand only and not your face. Keep going. Now move slowly all the way to the left. Go can go a little bit faster. Go all the way back to the centre. Now open your mouth and capture the bottom teeth from above. Now capture the top teeth from below. Well done! Scan complete.

Picnic Video

The raffle!

Who’s going to win it?

Who else? nodoby else.

* The giant tooth is going to win

Who is that giant tooth?

* I am


Let’s see how’s going to win

Let’s see who is the winner?

Oh My God! Tameron

*She’s the one who made those, can we check another one

The second one

Dr. Saleem's Birthday

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dr. Saleem

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy belated Birthday