Teeth Whitening

Brighten Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

For a fast, efficient way to brighten your smile, consider what professional teeth whitening can do for you.

People all around the world are dazzled by a bright smile. The problem with the color of teeth is that it changes with time. Associated with age, tooth discoloration is actually not a sign of aging. This is evidenced by the number of people in their twenties and thirties who are already struggling with dull, stained enamel.

The real causes of a dull smile are foods and beverages that we consume, sometimes on a daily basis. Most people have heard that beverages like tea, coffee, and red wine can diminish the brightness of the smile. We also know that smoking can cause teeth to turn yellow or brown over time. But how?

Staining occurs bit by bit, sometimes over years. When you eat a food, drink a beverage, or use tobacco products, tiny particles from those substances are deposited onto enamel, which contains thousands of microscopic pores, just like your skin. When these deposits settle into enamel, they often remain for life – or until they can be lifted.

Professional teeth whitening has been perfected over hundreds of years of development. At Hebron Smiles, we offer several different whitening treatments to meet the needs of our diverse patient base.

Chairside Whitening

Many of the patients who visit our Carrollton office ask about in-office teeth whitening. This is the fastest and most convenient way to enjoy bright white teeth. To achieve excellent results, we use Boost professional products from Ultradent. Depending on the severity of discoloration, we may perform multiple treatments over a period of a few weeks. With efficient chairside whitening, you can sit back and relax, and leave the work to us. If sensitivity is a concern, we are happy to make trays that can be loaded with desensitizing gel for wear at home.

Opalescence TresWhite

This home whitening kit includes everything you need to lift stubborn stains. The system consists of whitening gel and ten upper and lower trays that fit around your teeth to keep active ingredients where they belong. A sensitivity reducing agent is also included.

Home bleaching can be customized to your needs with trays that we make here in the office. At home, whitening gel is loaded into the trays, which can be worn at your convenience.  Within days, most patients see the results they are after.

Whitening For Life!

Hebron Smiles is proud to offer our patients Whitening For Life! We pride ourselves on the smiles that leave our practice. Also, in knowing that our patients are maintaining the best possible oral health. Whitening For Life was developed for patients that take their dental health seriously, and is an incentive for those who need a little help keeping up with their dental care. Our Whitening For Life patients will receive custom made, professional, take home whitening trays and gel for personal use.

There are a few simple requirements listed below for the Whitening For Life program. At your next appointment, a qualified staff member will explain in detail and have you read and sign the necessary forms to participate.

Rules for Program Activation:

  • You must be a current patient on our active files, and should have a prophy and exam prior to the impression appointment.
  • Patient must be age 18 or older.
  • Must schedule and keep recommended dental health appointments (Adult Prophylaxis, Periodontal Maintenance).
  • Must comply with the minimum required dental care, treatment planned by Dr. Saleem. Patients with outstanding bills with our office do not qualify.
  • A small onetime fee of $149.00 will be charged for the program activation.
  • The patient will be scheduled for custom impression of their teeth, after which the whitening trays will be ready for pick up within two weeks.

Rules for Lifetime Maintenance:

  • Must continue to maintain treatment plan and hygiene appointments as outlined by Dr. Saleem and our staff.
  • Must comply with all of our office’s policies regarding appointment cancellations and payments.
  • One refill tube of whitening solution will be provided at each re-care visit. Additional syringes can be purchased for $20.00 each.
  • Whitening trays that are lost or damaged can be replaced for $50.
  • Should the patient fail to meet any of the above requirements, we reserve the right to discontinue the program immediately. A re-enrollment fee of $99 will apply.
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Adnan Saleem, DMD - Hebron Smiles

Dr. Adnan Saleem, having graduated with a DMD degree from Temple University School of Dentistry began his career as a general dentist. For over a decade he has continued to advance his education and skillset through numerous training courses and his membership with Modern study club. Dr. Saleem is known for treating his patients both respectfully and compassionately. Connect with Dr. Adnan Saleem on Linkedin.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry? – Dr. Adnan Saleem

Cosmetic Dentistry

What do you consider as cosmetic?
Anything which enhances your appearance and gets you beautiful teeth is cosmetic.

Are teeth whitening and dental veneers considered cosmetic?
Teeth whitening and veneers are both considered as cosmetic processes. Veneers are wonderful because they can really change the shape, size and the contour of the teeth. They really make a remarkable difference in someone’s appearance.

Are dental veneers worth it?
Patients with teeth that have spaces, are chipped or discolored, are provided with beautiful veneers that change their appearance and they love it.

Are gum contouring and crowns considered cosmetic?
Gum contouring is considered cosmetic. Crowns are also considered cosmetic when your teeth are damaged more otherwise they are considered as a part of the treatment.

Protect your smile! Contact Hebron Smiles in Carrollton for your dental exam and cleaning.

Teeth Whitening Methods explained by Dr. Adnan Saleem from Hebron Smiles – Dr. Adnan Saleem.

Teeth Whitening Video

What system of teeth whitening does Hebron Smiles offer?
At Hebron Smiles, we use the Boost system by Ultradent. It is quick and easy for patients who are busy, and it meets the needs of our diverse patient base.

How does chairside whitening work?
With efficient chairside teeth whitening, you can sit back and relax and leave the work to us. We prepare customized teeth whitening solutions, and we do two sessions for twenty minutes which gives a remarkable shade change.

This is a very safe procedure for patients who want immediate and instant results.

What is Opalescence whitening?
Opalescence whitening is homecare home trays which are only available through dentists and is much better than over the counter trays.

Home teeth bleaching can be customized to your needs with trays that we make here in the office. It is a good and fast way to change the color.

Please explain what Whitening-for-life is?
That is a wonderful program for patients who come for regular visits so that we can check their teeth, gums and do the oral cancer screening, and as an added benefit for our patients, we offer the whitening for life program.

It’s a one-time fee as long as you come for your regular check-up, we provide you the teeth whitening solution.

A lot of people love this program as it helps keep you on track while helping you keep your teeth whiter and brighter.