Mouth Guards

Ensure The Highest Level Of Protection And Comfort With Custom-Designed Mouthguards

Mouthguards are essential when it comes to protecting the smile during high-impact sports. Your smile is vital to the team at Hebron Smiles in Carrollton, Texas, and protecting the permanent teeth is vital to maintaining the smile’s appearance, health, and function. If you are involved in high-impact, high-contact sports, you may want to talk to our dentists about the benefits of using a mouthguard.

What sports may require a mouthguard?

Essentially, any sport where physical contact is a possibility should be an activity where a mouthguard is recommended. Below are some of the more common sports activities in which a mouthguard can be utilized:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball/softball
  • Soccer

By wearing a mouthguard, you can prevent structural damage to the teeth and jaws. A mouthguard may also protect against lacerations and other injuries to the tongue, lips, and cheeks. Additionally, a mouthguard may be an extra layer of protection against a knocked-out tooth or a concussion. Mouthguards are affordable, easy to use, and a wise investment!

How to choose a mouthguard for your sports activities

While many drugstores offer over-the-counter mouthguards for sports activities, many of them fail to provide the best fit and function. That can leave the smile at significant risk for damage. The best way to obtain a mouthguard is through your family dentist. The team at Hebron Smiles provides custom-designed mouthguards. These ensure the highest level of protection and comfort. A custom mouthguard is created for optimum protection of a patient’s unique smile. They are designed with a specialized, thin dental-grade plastic from impressions of the smile for precision fit and function.

Are you in need of a mouthguard?

Contact Drs. Adnan Saleem, Cameron Hamidi, Anas Athar, and Blanca Lemus of Hebron Smiles in Carrollton, TX, to discuss your needs. The team is located at 1745 East Hebron Parkway, Suite #124, and accepts new patients. Call (972) 388-3320 to schedule a consultation visit and initial examination with our dentist to determine if a mouthguard is right for you!

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