Tooth Colored Fillings

What Are Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings? The Process and Benefits

While dental fillings for cavities are meant to last a long time, they are not a permanent solution. Not only are old dental fillings a risk for the smile’s overall health and wellness with time, but they may also be unattractive in appearance. That is especially true for patients who have old silver amalgam fillings. These fillings are dark in color and can expand and contract with temperature changes, causing bacteria to enter the tooth. Instead, the team at Hebron Smiles in Carrollton, Texas, may recommend the benefits of white or “tooth-colored,” dental fillings for patients with cavities.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Dental fillings are a restorative treatment used to address an area where tooth decay has developed. Fillings essentially fill the area of decay in the tooth to seal it off and protect it from further damage or decay. In the past, many dental offices used a material known as silver amalgam, which contains 50% mercury and can be toxic to the body. Instead, the team at Hebron Smiles utilizes composite resin, which is healthier for the body and provides an aesthetic benefit.

What can I expect from the fillings process?

When a dental filling needs to be placed or replaced, the process is quite simple. The old filling is removed along with any decay present before placing the composite resin filling into the tooth. This gel is hardened with a curing light, and the area is filed and polished. As the process completes, patients will find it hard to determine where the filling was placed!

Who is a candidate for tooth-colored fillings?

Any patient with an area of decay in the smile may benefit from tooth-colored fillings and should feel comfortable asking their dentist about this option when diagnosed with cavities.

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