Root Canal

Root canal therapy was a positive development in dentistry. Before this procedure was available, people with a severely damaged or diseased tooth required an extraction. The problem with this practice was that follow up with a suitable restoration was then necessary. With root canal therapy, our Carrollton patients have the best possible chance to preserve natural teeth.

A root canal procedure may be recommended to restore a tooth that has become infected or severely damaged by injury. One of the most common reasons that this treatment is performed is that a cavity has expanded into the deeper area of a tooth, allowing harmful bacteria to cause inflammation, disease, and pain. With precision techniques and instruments, we can remove damaged tooth material to quickly restore comfort.

Root canal treatment is a simple step toward restoration. The procedure involves some of the same steps you would expect in cavity repair. Damaged tooth material is gently removed under local anesthetic. Then, an opening is made into the center of the tooth. Because the area is numb, you feel no discomfort from this process. Using rotary files, we clean all infected tissue from the root canals before sterilizing them. Inert material is inserted into canals to seal them, and the tooth is restored with a crown.

This treatment is beneficial to the goal of tooth preservation and restored comfort. We know that root canal therapy is misunderstood by many people due to the perpetuation of negative stories about the procedure. Our dentists explain the necessity for restorative care and the steps involved so that patients can feel more comfortable. Patients may also elect to incorporate sedation into their visit.

Sedation can improve your dental experience when you need root canal treatment. At Hebron Smiles, we offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and also IV sedation when necessary. Our highly trained staff is happy to talk with you about the different forms of sedation and how they can help you relax during the root canal procedure.

You deserve to have a healthy, confident smile. If you experience tooth pain, contact our office right away, early care for discomfort is optimal.  Schedule your visit at (972) 388-3320.

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