Implant Over Dentures


At Hebron Smiles, we know how important it is to have a beautiful and functional smile. When significant tooth loss occurs, Carrollton, Texas area patients are often on the lookout for treatments that can help. Our practice offers a variety of tooth replacement options to choose from, including implant overdentures or snap dentures.

How implant-supported overdentures work

The implant overdentures option for tooth replacement is a more advanced method of placing complete dentures to replace an entire arch of missing or extracted teeth. This method of restoring the smile has revolutionized the way that patients enhance their smiles. Without dentures, patients will lose their ability to speak correctly and effectively chew and digest their food. With implant overdentures, a complete set of teeth can be replaced by snapping into four dental implants along the arch. That provides the best stability and function and allows patients to enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about a full denture falling out and causing them embarrassment.

What are the advantages of overdentures with dental implants?

There are several benefits that this method of tooth replacement provides for patients. That includes:

  • Less chance of requiring bone grafting as the implants are placed at a specific angle
  • Decades of favorable results and long-lasting placement with proper care
  • A smart investment for the smile long-term, lasting a lifetime for many of our patients
  • Fast treatment and speedy healing time, allowing for placement of the new denture immediately after implant insertion
  • A natural appearance when placed, ensuring patients maintain their confidence
  • Solid stability and strength, eliminating the need for dental adhesives and allowing patients to enjoy their favorite foods without concern
  • Being easy to care for and clean, ensuring reduced chances of developing periodontal disease

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