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Video Reviews

Testimonial Video 1

I welcome my Hebron smiles. I’m just finishing up my orthodontic treatment and just got my invisalign off and now I’m on a retainer, it’s looking awesome. I had weird teeth and now they’re good, and I really recommend this place – I’ve actually got my brother coming here, and he is on  his way on getting pretty teeth too. So come and get your smiles, it’s awesome too.

Testimonial Video 2

Ms. Aaron can you tell how was your experience with these implant over dentures?
Yes my teeth, that point of time of my life that were just incredibly bad, I couldn’t eat properly I couldn’t smile properly. I came to the dentist, I was very nervous, but he showed me what he did, and with his assured manner, he did the job, he did a beautiful job. I am just so pleased and I should have done it twenty years ago. That’s wonderful. So how was your experience eating steak with it. Yes I did a have a stake and it was very, very interesting, I felt – it was probably the first one I’ve had in a couple years and I enjoyed it, I chewed it properly and I enjoyed it. So how is your smile, how much are you smiling nowadays? Yeah my smile is with me always. So how’s your experience with the dentures, these implant dentures because a lot of people are nervous that they’re gonna wobble around. Oh no I don’t have any of that at all. I’m very secure in my in my tooth structure, and I am confident that they will be taken care of ever there is a problem. And so right now you are wearing them is all right yeah that’s right yeah so nobody can notice anything? Yes.

Testimonial Video 3

Ms. White, can you tell a little bit about what was your apprehensions, or what were you worried about how those you know your new teeth were gonna look, so that other people who all who are in the same shoes, they can benefit from this.
Well I guess I was worried about was would they fall out? Would I talk differently? But they feel good, and it makes me feel good. The implants are great because you know, those came in later. The actual implant put it, a new implant, and once that happened it just feels good, it feels natural, it feels confident, it’s a whole new outlook. And how is your smile after these implant dentures? It’s great and it’s like I waited a long time to get a smile again. Right okay and how is your experience eating with them or smiling with them? Eating with them is great. Before we have we started this process, I could hardly do anything and I’m talking about before we ever went through the whole process, and I definitely wouldn’t smile at all. So starting with the first process of having the temporaries in, already began to make me feel confident and just happy again, just to be able to smile. As I was apprehensive about eating, always afraid the bottom ones would come out, but now that we’ve got the implants, I feel great, it was working great. So will you give us the million-dollar smile? That’s awesome thank you Ms White.

Testimonial Video 4

Go ahead, Mr. Fuller. So tell me a little bit about your story, how you decided to get that implant denture and how long you were without it.

Well, prior to Katrina, Hurricane Katrina, which was in August of 2005, it was at that time. During that time, I was in the process of getting my dental work done. You know, I had a complete top denture. I had gotten all of my extractions and I had a good, perfectly fitting top denture. On the other hand, Katrina, the storm interrupted me getting the bottom. And I came out to Texas and which is just, say, 10 years running, I had gone without a bottom denture because of the one thing that I had. It just was uncomfortable. I couldn’t get used to it. It kept my gums sore and irritated, so I just went without it. And for the better part of 10 years, I just have gone without a bottom set of teeth. And here I am out in Carrollton, Texas, and then I run into this good dentist here, right in my neighborhood, you know? And my wife had talked to me about implants, which I had no knowledge of.

You know, Oh, we love having you here. Really glad.

I had no knowledge of the implant. And then I started looking at the commercials and I was seeing how happy and how relieved people were, you know that with their implants, you know, it’s like having your natural teeth. Mm hmm. Of course, I was a little leery. I was a non-believer for a moment. And here I am sitting here today. As a result of my implant, I think I’m more confident than I was with my real, my natural teeth.. I am totally free from any pain that I once had dental, you know, any dental pain. So I mean, you know, I would advise anyone that’s going around here without a good set of teeth in their mouth,. I want you to know that there is hope and you know, it’s not farfetched that you can, I don’t care your age. I’m 66 years old and I got a mouthful of beautiful, functioning teeth, you know. I can eat ice, I can eat steak, I can eat real bad, whatever I want, you know, I can eat it and enjoy it. And that’s the that’s the beauty of having the implants.

Tell me a little bit about the experience of. Did you find the whole experience pretty easy and straightforward of getting implants and then getting an implant denture?