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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name (now that you have sung that, on to the real review). There isn't one bad thing I can say about this place. They actually care about you. They will do any and everything they can to accommodate. The office closed at 4pm and I don't get off until 3:30 and I really wanted and NEEDED them to stay open for me. Without asking they offered to stay until 4 pm for me as long as I came or called if I couldn't make it (which is a reasonable request). The office is clean, they have a selfie station. The part I like the best is they take the time to explain EVERYTHING. If you don't understand they will explain it differently, as well as show you pictures on a screen above your head of what needs to be completed. And lastly EVERYONE knows your name and speaks when they first see you, that seems small but in a world where good customer service is hard to find that does set them apart. Koda Basey
The staff is wonderful and Dr. Saleem is very knowledgeable and polite. My kids and I visit this place all the way from Houston. Their office is clean and well organized. We love this clinic and the services they provide. Fozia Salman
It is so cool and they have the best staff that make you want to come to the dentist Dawn Siar
I took my 10 year old here for a regular checkup and cleaning after recieving a recommendation from a friend who also takes her kids here. The doctor and staff were all very nice, friendly, gentle and informative. Thank you for a great experience! Lea Moelk
I like that there is a selfie booth and get to show your smile. Christine Ton
My favorite place is the selfie station and the place is very nice. Everyone is patience and kind. Jennifer Ton
SELFIE STATION IS MY FAVORITE! And everyone is so polite Cece Gonzales.
Ever since moving over to Hebron Smiles we've had great success, the dentist and staff and great wth all my girls and it's good to have the consistency! Joe Siar
I was in serious pain one night and I called Hebron Smiles after hours and someone picked up! They saw me first thing the very next morning. The service was excellent and the staff there were awesome. I decided to bring my family there and we've made Hebron Smiles our dentistry. This is by far the best dentist office I've gone to. DMario Clark
Thank you Dr. Saleem. It was a very professional and very comfortable experience. Hats off to whole team of Hebron Smiles. Younis Amir Sanjrani
Had a really good experience. I was contacted by phone and text of my appointment. I filled out the paperwork online and everything was completed by the time of my appointment. The staff was very nice and friendly. Had a good experience with the doctor. He explained what my issue was and then I had a cleaning. They hygienist was good. We talked and she asked me the usual questions regarding flossing, drinking coffee or tea etc. Each hygienist station has a monitor in it, so you can listen to your favorite genre of music, while you are getting your teeth clean. I've schedule a follow up appointment for 6 months. I will be going back. I would recommend Hebron Smiles to anyone looking for a good dentist and dental office. So long Monarch Dental. Hello Hebron Smiles. :-) BJ Brown.
I like these people!
I like this place!
They treated me teeth!
And I am happy! Matthew. A.
Wonderful staff! All your dental needs taken care of one place! Robert. P
Let me start by saying that I have an inherent fear of the dentist. This fear tends to manifest itself through anxiety attacks, uncontrollable crying, and stress. Knowing this, it's been a while since I've been to the dentist, but alas, the time had come for me to go to the dreaded dentist.

Luckily for me, Hebron Smiles is right up the road! From the moment I stepped into the practice, the staff at Hebron Smiles was welcoming and friendly. The check-in process was smooth and the wait time was pretty short!

Once I was in the chair, I could feel myself getting uneasy (and I'm sure my dental hygienist could tell) but she made small talk with me and put my worries to rest. After the x-rays -- once again, a quick and easy process-- Dr. Saleem came to explain what needed to be done.

Now, as a young adult who is taking on financial responsibility for her teeth for the first time, hearing my treatment plan sent me into a whirlwind of emotions. "Omg, how am I going to pay for that? if I can't pay it, are my teeth just going to rot and fall out? what am i going to??????" Of course, my worst case scenario way of thinking triggered a slight panic, and I got very teary. It was embarrassing and I was ashamed, but the ladies at Hebron Smiles were so understanding. They brought me tissues and water to help me compose myself and then we were able to put together an action plan -- both in time and in financials.

Once I had gotten over the initial panic, I was able to finally pull myself together and talk next steps. Unfortunately for me, I needed a root canal, but fortunately for me, Dr. Saleem was able to send me to the Firewheel Center for Dental Specialties that day!

Thank you, Hebron Smiles, for making my experience so wonderful. I am very happy to have found my one stop shop dentistry practice, and I look forward to seeing y'all again! Judith. K
I have made appointments for my whole family here and we have all had really great dental care and friendly service from all of the staff. It has also been really easy to get immediate and flexible appointments around our schedules. Elena Hernandez
Great staff and clean office. Everyone is very professional and accommodating. Patient education is thorough and technology is up to date. Can't ask for more than that. Highly recommended. Toan Tran
We love Hebron Smiles! We are so glad that we decided to take our kids to Hebron Smiles, too. Last week, Dr. Saleem and his staff treated our 3-year-old like a princess for her first-ever dentist visit. The way the staff demonstrated and explained each tool to her before using them alleviated any fears or anxiety our little worrier might have had. After her exam and cleaning, I asked what she liked about going to the dentist. Her emphatic answer was, "Everything!" I could go on and on about the friendly office staff and how Dr. Saleem answers all of our questions. We are big fans and are happy to recommend Hebron Smiles to friends and family looking for a caring and helpful dentist office. Mikie Kindsfather
Overall great experience. Dr. Saleem and his staff were very friendly and informative of why I needed the treatment. Dr. Athar, their orthodontist, and his assistant are great to have since they are easy to talk to and are funny. I am happy to have chosen this office. Analee Diaz
Best group of people I have ever come in touch with in an dental setting. And Dr. Adanan Saleem is by far the best dentist I have ever had to deal with. Straight forward and really patient. Hebron Smiles is where everyone cares about your teeth. Godsgift Gd
This place is amazing: great service, professional care, and relaxing atmosphere... but perhaps the greatest asset at Hebron Smiles (behind the good doctor himself) is Tara, the driving force behind all the crazy paperwork and insurance. She worked with me and went the extra mile in a way that few people do these days. I thought service like this didn't exist any more; Hebron Smiles has it goin' on. Thanks! Brandon Garcia
Staff is very friendly! The doctor takes the time to review everything and recommends the best treatment. I definitely recommend this dentist. Daniel Contreras
They we're amazing I have a new Dentist I am not a nervous wreck when I go in for procedures now. Tara is amazing as well as Doctor Saleem. And his Oral Surgeon by far the best When I told the their was discomfort they immediately stopped and numb me.I am very greatful for the work they did and will continue to do. I have severe anxiety and they put my fears to ease I didn't even need sedation just gas and I was fine. Tara Bunch
I have to say that thanks to the whole crew at Hebron Smiles my life has changed; a great smile can do so many things for you. I love the fact that I am always warmly welcomed. The work they perform is extraordinary and I am very happy to have chosen them as my dentists because before, throughout and after my dental/orthodontic journey I would literally walk out of there with a smile on my face. I love my smile and i love my healthy teeth. Check them out yourselves, you will be glad you did. Adrian Sosa
Dr Saleem is top dog. He knows his stuff and surrounded himself with quality people. Aly Boghani
I love my dentist and all of the staff!!!! They're amazing every time I come, which is very often because I have fast braces. Everyone is very nice and make sure I am well taken care of every time I visit. This is probably one of the BEST dentist offices I have EVER been to. I really hate getting my teeth cleaned, but they keep me laughing every time I'm there which relaxes me. The doctor and his staff are nice, caring, thorough, knowledgeable and they listen! I highly recommend Hebron Smiles and it helps because I live right by the office!!! Dr. Saleem, Tara, Nastasha (sorry for the spelling) and Mary are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! Danna D
First and foremost the staff members are all extremely friendly and flexible. Your comfort and well-being is always the top priority. I also enjoy the relaxing environment and business operation. I don't feel like I'm just another paycheck at Dr. Saleem's office. I feel like they truly care about me and wish me the best. I couldn't be more happy with Hebron Smiles. Thank you! Matt Guenther
Hebron Smiles is a wonderful, outstanding place to go for quality service and excellent dentistry. I have been going to Hebron Smiles about 2 years now and they have taken great care of me. My experience has been one of satisfaction and trust. The staff is amazing and there's a comforting tone within the office. Tara, front office, always work with me to assure that I'm able to receive the necessary services I need and for that I am truly grateful. Dr. Saleem really cares about his patients well being and care and always provides service, nothing short of the best. He's gentle and patient and he educates his patients with documentation and demonstration to ensure that they are well equipped with the tools needed to properly care for themselves after care/treatment. Mary is the absolute best hygienist in the world! Amongst a host of professional staff, beautiful smiles and kindred spirits I am more than happy to call this place my 2nd home and you should too!! :) tynisha pippins
So, to be completely honest, I was deathly scared of going to the dentist... to a point where I avoided going for over 5 years. *gasp* I know. After doing thorough research via yelp/google, I found Hebron Smiles. I made an appointment online - quick and easy. From the moment I entered the office, I was greeted a warm smile and friendly hello from every single person working there. They made me feel relaxed and did not "judge" me for not having perfect teeth. Dr. Saleem and Dr. Hamidi were wonderful in explaining everything thoroughly and giving me options/suggestions on how to treat my various issues. My hygienist, Ms. Mary Nguyen, was particularly AMAZING in making my teeth beautiful once again, while making sure I was completely comfortable the entire time. She even took xrays after just to make sure she got every bit of tartar - and yeah, I had a lot. I have never had my teeth so squeaky clean after a deep cleaning, and I could tell that she takes a lot of pride in her work. They have a passionate team over at Hebron Smiles, and I can confidently say that I'm no longer scared of going to the dentist. Thank you for making my smile healthy and beautiful again! Patty Kim
All the staff are ultra friendly and helpful and they really care about the health of your mouth and your overall comfort in their office. Austin Hildreth
Love that they use online appointment scheduling. I was in pain over weekend. Most dentist offices were closed and I was leaving voicemails for them to call back to schedule an appointment.

But on Dr. Saleem's site was I able to schedule my appointment first thing Monday morning. And not worry about when they will call back.

Other than them using technology, the facility is neat and clean. Staff is not just friendly but actually helpful. They answered all my questions.

Dr. Saleem himself is a great guy. He was very thorough, answered all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed. Amer Khalid
I highly recommend Hebron Smiles to everyone. Dr. Adnan Saleem and his staff are very friendly and professional. The facility is very clean, up-to-date, and is in a nice location. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I am looking forward to my next visit. Lety Rangel
best and most comfortable place since I lived in Vegas. thanks found my new dentist yvette johnson
Hebron Smiles is a fabulous dentistry clinic. Dr. Saleem is a phenomenal dentist. I visit them regularly for teeth cleaning and the entire staff always treats me with utmost kindness, flexibility, and respect. I especially loved the Netflix while getting my treatment! From the front desk to Dr. Saleem, you won't find a better place for anything dentistry. Thank you Hebron Smiles! Faizan Dolani
Very professional, clean and friendly environment. I spent a good amount of time there the past month. After major work done in my mouth, I had very little to no pain. I also received a couple of calls from the dentist to check on me about my root canal, which I thought was thoughtful. Diego Caceres
I had a wonderful experience at Hebron Smiles. Dr. Saleem and his staff are very friendly and professional, and my recent visits were by far the most pleasant dentist experience I've ever had! I highly recommend them! Tiffany Hesselberg
excellent attension.. muy buena asistencia fredy leiva

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