What dental patients need to know about wisdom tooth extraction in Carrollton, TX


What Dental Patients Need to Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Carrollton, TX Area
In homes, workplaces, schools, and dental offices, wisdom teeth are likely the most talked about teeth in your mouth. That’s because they can cause a great deal of problems for many patients, so dentists must monitor them closely. Placed in the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth, or the third set of molars, don’t erupt until a person is in his late teens or early twenties. In some cases, the teeth will come in perfectly. However, for many patients, the teeth do not fit properly in the mouth and dentists must discuss removal. Dr. Adnan Saleem has been helping his patients in Carrollton, TX, understand why wisdom teeth might need to be extracted and the various ways the procedure can be performed.

Why do some wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Even though wisdom teeth do not provide any additional chewing or speaking benefits, dentists will not recommend extraction unless it is necessary. If the patient has enough room in his or her mouth to accommodate the additional teeth and if they’re not causing pain or oral health care risks, the wisdom teeth can stay. However, many patients will experience one or more of the following potential problems:

  • Crowding – When there’s not enough room in the mouth, the wisdom teeth will put pressure on the rest of the teeth which can cause pain in the mouth or headaches. Crowded teeth can also push the remaining teeth out of proper position leading to misalignment of the teeth and subsequent tooth decay.
  • Impaction – In some cases, the teeth do not come through the gums completely, or they may come in crooked. This impaction can lead to pain, crowding of the nerves and bone tissue, and pressure on the molars.

How is extraction performed?

If the wisdom tooth has fully erupted, extracting is a simple as pulling the tooth. If it is impacted, it may require oral surgery for removal. In either case, the dentist will ensure the patient is comfortable using local anesthesia, conscious sedation, or a deeper sedation method if necessary.

For more information about wisdom teeth removal, call the Hebron Smiles office at (972) 388-3320.

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Dr. Adnan Saleem, having graduated with a DMD degree from Temple University School of Dentistry began his career as a general dentist. For over a decade he has continued to advance his education and skillset through numerous training courses and his membership with Modern study club. Dr. Saleem is known for treating his patients both respectfully and compassionately. Connect with Dr. Adnan Saleem on Linkedin.

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